I’m more than happy to consult both professionally or privately.


  • when an employee transitions
  • creating more gender inclusive bathrooms
  • degendering meetings, announcements, contact information for employees and clients
  • understanding gender as a spectrum (cis people have genders & pronoun preferences too)

Privately, I’m available for one on one consultations about any subject concerning marriage, becoming poly, transition, being the family member of a trans person, and sexuality. I’ve talked to couples and individuals about such issues as:

  • better understanding a non trans partner during transition
  • support a loved one through transition
  • becoming poly after being monogamous
  • sexual orientation changes within a relationship
  • figuring out your own sexual needs
  • mismatched libidos
  • different versions of monogamy
  • negotiating emotional and sexual boundaries

Rates vary depending on you or your company’s needs.