I’m more than happy to consult both professionally or privately.

Helen Boyd is a professional author, educator, and speaker with 20 years of experience teaching diverse topics related to gender and sexuality for academic, corporate, and community groups. Her expertise is in trans identity and history, feminism, and gender studies, as well as LGBTQ+ history. She is the author of two books and numerous articles. She has previously worked for Boeing, Goodwill, and Malk Partners, amongst others, and in addition to the more academic lectures I have given.


  • when an employee transitions
  • creating more gender inclusive bathrooms
  • degendering meetings, announcements, contact information for employees and clients
  • understanding gender as a spectrum (cis people have genders & pronoun preferences too)

Privately, I’m available for one on one consultations about any subject concerning marriage, becoming poly, transition, being the family member of a trans person, and sexuality. I’ve talked to couples and individuals about such issues as:

  • better understanding a non trans partner during transition
  • support a loved one through transition
  • becoming poly after being monogamous
  • sexual orientation changes within a relationship
  • figuring out your own sexual needs
  • mismatched libidos
  • different versions of monogamy
  • negotiating emotional and sexual boundaries

Rates vary depending on you or your company’s needs.