Currently and for the past decade I’ve been a lecturer of gender studies at Lawrence University, where I created and taught classes such as Trans Lives, Sexualities, Gender Variance, and Intro to LGBTQ Studies. I’ve also taught introductory courses in feminist theory, gender studies, and queer theory.

Never having intended to be a teacher, I was a little surprised that I’m actually good at teaching. I adore my students.

At Lawrence, I’ve given numerous educational lectures on topics such as the history of same sex marriage, on inclusive bathrooms, on Bechdel’s Fun Home, and on trans history and identity.

I’ve done independent studies with students covering topics such as kink, memoir writing, disability theory, black feminism, trans sexual identity, and drag kings.

After I was told that I needed to publish scholarly work, I co authored “Making Trans Parents Visible” (Feminism & Psychology, 2014) with former student Alex Ajayi and colleague Beth Haines.

My books are also regularly cited and taught in college curricula across the country.

I’m a proud alum of the City College of New York, where I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in English and an MA in Writing.

Here’s a video of a talk I did about non binary identity, and another on same sex marriage.