What I’m really the best at is being accessible to those who don’t speak theory. I can translate complicated topics such as intersectionality and queer theory to a non academic audience.

My public lectures at other institutions are on a wide array of related but distinct topics.

Co Conspirator to Transland: How To Ally
My most requested lecture which combines some of all the others with guidance for those new to trans identities in professional and personal settings.

Trans Etiquette 101 : How to Navigate Trans Identities and Pronouns
A more specific talk that focuses more on the language and taxonomy of trans identity.

A Brief History of Transland: How Trans Identity Became Visible
A quick but thorough tour of how we came to be where we are now, starting with the first theories of trans identity, visibility movements, and trans activity in the larger LGBTQ community.

Trans Relationships: Love Is Not All, Actually
All relationships come with challenges, but being partnered to a trans person can cause disarray in one’s own private and public identities, sexuality, and marginalization.

Becoming Queer: Chosen Families and LGBTQ Life
As we transitioned from straight to being perceived as lesbians, we discovered a whole community of experience, pride, love, and anger.

Becoming Poly: It’s Not Pie
Keeping our relationship meant throwing out some of the myths and expectations but of being straight and of being monogamous.

Trans Inclusive Feminism: Or, Why Trans Women are Women
Trans women aren’t only women; they’re female. Fight me.

Writing in Private, Publishing in Public: On Writing Memoir
On the odd way that writing about your deepest self, your traumas, griefs, desires becomes a way to connect with more than your own cats.

Non Binary Identity: Emerging and Eternal Genders
Non binary identity seems “new” to a lot of people, but third genders, fluid genders, and neutral genders have been in existence throughout history and across cultures.

I’m available to speak on any of these topics or on some combination. I can work with you to meet your institution’s or group’s needs.